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Entrepreneurs: Read the best investor_ready guide


  • A wealth creation partnership
  • Sources of private equity
  • Angel investor finance
  • Strategic vs. Financial ventures
  • A compelling investment opportunity
  • Exit strategies
  • Preparing for the investment
  • Investor presentation techniques
  • Valuation
  • Finalising the investment
  • Conclusion
  • Investor ready checklists

"Many entrepreneurs have achieved great success by partnering with Angel investors but they need to have the right business venture and the right approach to external investment to attract investors. This book provides the essential guide for anyone contemplating seeking Angel investment." John Mactaggart, Chairman Australian Association of Angel Investors

"A great read for founders and entrepreneurs –whether they’re raising outside capital or just trying to understand the fundraising process" Joe Platnick, Director Pasadena Angels

"Venture Capital is a highly specialised form of both business finance and partnership that relatively few people understand. Dr. McKaskill has provided a very useful introduction to the topic for aspiring entrepreneurs searching for the best ways to accelerate their business growth" DoronBen-Meir, Executive Director & CEO, Prescient Venture Capital