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Entrepreneurs: Understand how angels think


  • Business angels make a difference
  • An angel profile
  • Sources of private equity
  • Your angel activity profile
  • Strategic vs. financial Investments
  • Build a deal pipeline
  • Evaluating possible investments
  • Entry and exit considerations
  • Agreeing the investment
  • Managing your investments
  • Conclusion
  • ChecklistsTestimonials

"Amongst the spectacular successes, the Angel investment community is littered with corpses of those that have fallen victim to some very basic and preventable mistakes. This book provides the essential basic groundwork for anyone contemplating investing in the exciting world of Angel investing". John Mactaggart, Chairman Australian Association of Angel Investors

"The book summarises what it means to be an angel, how to get started and how to succeed. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about angel investing". Basil Peters, angel investor.

"Easy to read, practical, hands-on, full of useful information and data. Particularly valuable is the included Awareness and Alignment index –an easy to use tool for assessing new ventures, suitable to both investors and investee companies and entrepreneurs. Highly recommended". Adolph Hanich, first Chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association