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Investors: Guides

Amongst the spectacular successes, the Angel investing community is littered with corpse of those that have fallen victim to some very basic and preventable mistakes. This book provides the essential basic groundwork for anyone contemplating investing in the exciting world of Angel investing”. John Mactaggart (Chairman of the Australian Association of Angel Investors)

This guide is a highly pragmatic for Angel and Venture Capital investors which focuses the investment, business development and harvest activities on strategic value. “The guide provides a great roadmap for all Angel and Venture Capital investors. In a misguided investment world that relies too heavily on IPOs, mega-exits and too much quantitative analysis, McKaskill has taken an enlightened and straightforward approach to a topic that should be foremost on startup investors’ minds“ Joe Platnick (Pasadena Angels, USA)

This guide provides an overview for companies and potential investors who have heard of the Scheme and want to know more about it and how it works.

Eversheds produced this set of precedent legal documents that accompany this guide in order to deliver the following benefits: lower legal costs; reduced negotiation time, improved education, reduced friction in transitioning to the next round of funding.

Angel Investing to those not familiar with the process may seem daunting and complex. This Guide of FAQs aims to address the many queries that may arise by those considering Angel Investing for the first time. This publication addresses a variety of topics including legal, tax and regulatory issues that may be of concern to a potential new Angel Investor and will be updated as new questions are raised.