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Investors: Syndicates

Syndicates are key to achieving this.

If you are involved in a syndicate we will market it to our investor database to help you recruit new members.

Big Bang Syndicate

Stage: early.

Sectors: new media and information technologies.

Pitch: the Big Bang Syndicate is convening and leading a group of like-minded individuals who share an interest in making early-stage investments in companies with significant growth potential. Unlike other investment strategies where the focus is on the "number game" of portfolio-building, our interest is in ensuring the best chance of success for each company in which we invest.

Founder: Aristos Peters, a business leader with extensive experience in the digital space, as well as being a strategic startup and business growth specialist, across numerous sectors and markets. Aristos is supported by Simon Webber, who has spent ten years working with a City firm, which specialises in early stage investments made by individual investors. 

Launch: Q1 2010.