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Email Lists – A Guide To Buying

Buying email lists can give your email marketing campaign a head start

Email marketing is direct marketing for the 21st Century, boasting a level of flexibility and targeting potential unmatched by any offline direct marketing method. Creating a high quality internally developed email list should be a core objective of any company looking to engage in long-term email marketing, but developing these lists takes time. Buying in or renting high quality, market-specific email lists represents a great way of getting your email marketing campaign off to a flying start.
Advantages of buying email lists
The first obvious advantage of buying email lists is that you get instant access to thousands of email addresses. However, email addresses are only of use to you if they’ve been pre-screened to ensure that they’re not only valid and current, but also relevant to your market. Fortunately we live in the data age, where information such as email addresses and other profile data can be filtered and streamed off into relevant pools, significantly enhancing the its quality and usefulness. Email list vendors carry out this screening themselves and then sell on quality, industry-specific lists designed to give fledgling email marketing campaigns a foundation from which to build.

A second major advantage of buying targeted email lists is that it takes a load off you, allowing you to focus on the campaign itself rather than the administration of it. It’s easy for small and medium sized businesses to get bogged down with sourcing email addresses, sifting data and compiling lists manually, but by buying in targeted email lists you’re free to get on with the task of executing the strategy.
Cost-effective email marketing
One other significant bonus of buying in email lists is the low cost. For relatively small investment you have access to a list containing leads that over time could transform your company from a fledgling enterprise to a thriving business. If you’re not in a position to commit to buying an email list outright, or need convincing further that outsourcing is the right option for your business, then the option to rent email lists can serve to help you make a better-informed decision, or unlock the funds to secure the list permanently.
So, good email lists pay for themselves in no time at all – but how do you find good email lists? At, we specialise in helping small businesses find high quality service providers to help them grow. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you source the email lists that could take your enterprise to the next level. Call us on  0207 386 1677 , or by email us at [email protected]