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Quick Quotes FAQs

What is provides online services for UK entrepreneurs and small businesses. We are quickly becoming the leading website for UK small business. Our partners now include: The British Library,, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, The British Business Angels Association and Thomson Local.

What is the Quick Quotes service?
Quick Quotes is a supplier matching service. We have sourced thousands of leading regional and national suppliers in the UK so you can find the services you need. Our suppliers are ready to connect with you and respond to your quote request.

How does the Quick Quotes service work?
Quick Quotes is easy to use. Complete and submit the free quote request form. We will then contact you by phone to qualify your requirements. This helps to ensure you get the best quotes from our registered suppliers. Up to three relevant suppliers will contact you to discuss your project.

Why should I use’s Quick Quotes service?
Your time is valuable. Quick Quotes speeds up the process of finding relevant suppliers that match your needs. You don't have to waste hours, or even days, researching and evaluating different suppliers to make the right decision. Our Quick Quotes service takes just minutes to complete and you can start negotiating with experienced suppliers within hours.

How much does this service cost?
This is a free service. There are no costs involved in submitting a Quick Quotes request looking for a business supplier. Please note however that a member of our customer services team will be in touch with you to verify your details and that your request for a quote is genuine.

What detail is required on the Quick Quotes request form?
Each form has its own unique set of questions depending on the service you are looking for. The more accurate the information you provide, the better the responses you will receive from our registered suppliers.

I am worried about revealing too much information? Is it safe?
It's very important to us that all your details are kept 100% safe. The details of your business requirements you provide will only be passed to our registered suppliers that match your criteria. Your contact details are only sent to a maximum of three suppliers who confirm they are interested in contacting you to discuss your requirements further and provide a quote.

Why was my Quick Quotes request returned from
If we are not satisfied that your Quick Quotes request is genuine or contains sufficient information it will be returned to you. Our customer service team qualify every Quick Quotes request to ensure that it is genuine and contains enough detail to enable a supplier to make a decision to contact you.

How do I know which suppliers I have been matched to?
You will receive an email notifying you that a business has accepted your Quick Quotes request and will be in contact with you. This will contain a link to their listing in our Business Directory so you can find out more about the business that will be contacting you.

When will I be contacted?
Once a business has received your contact details it is only natural for them to contact you shortly afterwards. Generally it is within a couple of hours after you are notified that your Quick Quotes request has been accepted.

How do I choose which suppliers to select?
You will be contacted by up to three suppliers. Choose the one that you feel most suits your needs. The decision to go ahead and work with any supplier is entirely yours.

Does match me with suppliers in my local area? focuses on matching you with the most appropriate regional as well as national suppliers who do business in your area.

Can I contact the supplier directly?
You are alerted by email when you are matched to a supplier. You can view their profile in our business directory. Our suppliers like it when you contact them first!

How does recruit suppliers?
We have a team dedicated to supplier recruitment and to date we have sourced thousands of leading regional and national suppliers in the UK so you can find the business services you need. Suppliers join to connect with ready-to-purchase buyers in their sales areas.